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Business Systems

Axium Product - Business Systems Image

Axium will enable you to maximize the potential of your existing Microsoft Office software.

We will create a customized system that is tailored to your exact needs. Here are some benefits to our business systems.

Complete System

All of your company operations from inventory to invoicing will be contained in one system enabling all departments to communicate and work together cohesively.

Cost effective

There is no need to purchase additional software. We work with your existing Microsoft Office software.

Customized solutions

Because our systems are tailored to your exact needs, they are far more versatile and accurate.

Adaptable solutions

Our systems can be easily and quickly updated to meet new business, industry or regulatory specifications.

User-friendly Interface

We offer you the ability to create and modify your own user interface or we can handle it for you.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Full contingency plan for server and workstation corruption, and hardware breakdown.

Remote accessibility

We can provide you and your employees with the ability to work from home or from remote locations.

Full Documentation

Our systems are fully documented and include video tutorials, manuals and in person instruction.

Executive Reporting Systems

Axium Product - Executive Systems Image

Focus on analyzing and decision making instead of report generation.

Axium will empower you with analytical tools which will enable you to see the latest position of your business quickly and accurately. Here are some benefits to our Executive Reporting Systems:

Focus on Analysis

Creating sophisticated charts based on complex datasets can take days but our system generates them in minutes.

Efficient and Accurate

Feel confident that your automatically generated graphs and reports are accurate due to extensive error checking and logical triggers.


Drill down to determine the root cause or view a general snapshot of operations. Exclude outliers for a more representative data sample.

Updated Datasets

Automatically pull the latest numbers from various data sources seamlessly creating one cohesive and integrated system.

Presentations Generation

Allow the Axium system to create a complete PowerPoint Presentation based on predefined templates or manually embed objects into your own customized solution.

Process Control Systems

Axium Product - Process Control System Image

Automate routine tasks and enforce company protocol

An Axium Process Control System will enforce company standards, free up human resources and fulfill auditing requirements. Here are some benefits to our Process Control Systems:

Increase Efficiency

Allocate human resources to cost effective activities by automating time intensive tasks such as manual entry, data mining and error checking.

Maintain Company Standards

Raise flags when a procedure is out of compliance and automatically notify key personnel with a detailed error report.

Eliminate Human Error

Automating manual entry eliminates human error and enables live computer error checking.

Accurate Records

Create accurate logs and records of operations allowing your company to fulfill auditing requirements.